Hawk Thoughts: 4th Straight Win Sweeps Cardinal Series

Hawk on Hawk Action
Photo credit Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Ayo 12s!
Another fine week of Seahawks football in the books! Gotta say, I don't even know what to say at this point. These boys are firing on all cylinders and getting better with each and every game.

Offensively speaking, Geno is a bold commander of this team, our run game is at its best level since Lynch in my opinion. Walker is only getting better, Dallas and Homer are solid options, especially in the screen. Our wide receivers were good before this year and they're just as good now. Our play-calling has been fun to watch and comprehensive to the team on the field. AND WE'RE USING THE TIGHT END!!! I gotta love this offense

Defensively, the line is getting to the quarterback and creating pressure on every play. Corners are disruptive. Linebackers are explosive and making big stops. Only thing we may need to work on is run defense, but even then, we're not far from solid. Safeties are holding that secondary in a big way.

It's been fun being able to sit back and enjoy the power and potential that I've seen in this team. Albeit I misjudged a couple key areas, but I knew that this team had the ability to be good, we just weren't turning it on. I'm glad that we're in a place now that it actually looks like the Seahawks deserved to win these games as opposed to coming out lucky, or benefited from a game-changing call or mistake. Ze boyz go to Germany next week, to take on the titan Tom Brady! I've got full confidence these boys can come out ahead. With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK