Hawk Thoughts: An Ugly Win Is Still A Win Against The Rams

Hawk on Hawk Action
DK Metcalf
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Ayo 12s!
Not gonna lie, I was sweating this weekends game a little bit. The Seahawks went into LA to take on a rather banged up Rams team, and squeaked out with a 4pt win. Which brings me to one of my favorite points to make, an ugly win is still a win. The Rams have always had our number, always gotten away with more against us, and been a thorn in our side. So, pardon me while I raise my middle finger and enjoy the 7-4 record we currently hold.

But, there's always room for improvement! The boys played well, but our defense is still trying to get itself coordinated. The pass rush still isn't to the level we need and it's rippling to our backs who had a heck of a time containing not-Cooper Kupp. We bolster this defense down a bit, get some maturity in the young talent and get a little predictive of the offense, I think this team shapes up to be a true force.

Offensively, we're back to our former glory, losing KW3 to injury was a problem, but our run offense has become just as effective as it was in the Russ era. We're predictable with it and ineffective when executed. The pass game has improved dramatically, and once again, we're using the TE option and getting it out to Dissly and Fant and I am HERE FOR IT!

We keep this momentum going and keep our sights on the playoffs ahead! We got the Panthers next week, who just got rid of Baker Mayfield. I truly don't know what team we're walking in to, but we can't sleep on em 1 bit. That's how we get bit. Keep the fight, keep the drive, keep those post-season dreams alive. With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

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