Hawk Thoughts: Sea Dragons Playoff Door Is Closing. But It's Not Shut Yet

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Sea Dragons
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Ayo 12s!
Welcome back from Easter weekend! A few days of horrible weather, time with family, all concluding with the Seattle Sea Dragons hosting the top of the XFL, The DC Defenders. Sad to say I wasn't able to make it to kickoff, but I caught the bulk of the game, and despite what we've looked like in the weeks leading up to Sunday, the boys looked in good control of the situation during the game. The offense had issues moving against the Defenders, but our defense held their own as well in a game that developed into an all-out shootout between these two teams ended with a 1 point differential that the Dragons sadly ended up on the losing end of. It's the first loss they've taken since week 3, and added more solidity to their #3 position in the division

So what does this mean for playoffs? We've got 2 weeks left, and only the top 2 teams will progress into the postseason. The loss this weekend hurt our chances in a pretty dire way, but given that we were taking on the league bully, I'm not crying too hard. But it does leave us in a position where we basically need to win-out the season. We're going into St. Louis next weekend, and they currently hold the #2 slot that we're gunning for. If we win that one, we need a win and a bit of a miracle in the last week in order to progress. If we lose, that's the nail in the coffin, and the last game against the Vipers becomes the send off.

From what I saw this weekend, we can do it. Our boys are hungry and they're not ready to lay down the season just yet. Yes, DiNucci gave us one of his trademark endzone interceptions at a time where we REALLY needed to punch it in, but that's the nature of the league and this team at this point. And, to quote Thrill, "He's not the fool who repeatedly got all the Unsportsmanlike penalties that handed DC 2 TDs". There's a lot that needs to be cleaned up, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not unachievable. This season has been so fun to watch, especially as we inch closer to the finish line. 2 weeks left 12s! Let's rally our boys to victory!! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports