Baby And The Nobodies Is The BJ & Migs Loud and Local Band of the Week

Baby and the Nobodies

OFFICIAL BIO : Snotty, Glammy Punk Rock ’N’ Roll from Olympia Washington that sounds like NY Loose or maybe Social Distortion with Mike Ness’ street-fightin’ kid sister on vocals. Hooky, tight, and ready to rumble, "Kiss This" is a blast of teenage rebel rock full of safety pins, bubblegum and the kinda glue Joey Ramone was sniffing. - Ken McIntyre Classic Rock Magazine

Baby and the Nobodies vocalist Rebecca Terry is reminiscent of the Punk Rock styling of Blondie and the Runaways. However you can tell the bands influences go far beyond just that. Guitarist Rev and Bass player Kenny lean towards early Punk and Glam, and along with Drummer Jason cite the NWOBHM as influences. Baby and the Nobodies have a 7-inch vinyl single of Heaven/Beside Myself, and their sophomore release Kiss This was recorded by Jonathan Plum at iconic London Bridge in Seattle, their first release Satellite Highway was mixed by Phil Soussan, of Ozzy fame.

Baby and the Nobodies have played all along the west coast including the Bite of Seattle, Stateline Music Festival in Idaho, the Hawthorne Theater in Oregon, and the Viper Room in Hollywood