Dual Analog is the BJ & Migs Loud and Local Band of the Week

Dual Analog
Photo credit Dual Analog

Dual Analog’s roots date back to the childhoods of singer/guitarist Chip Roberts and multi-instrumentalist Kurtis Skinner.
Seattle’s extraordinarily unique TurboWave band (a genre the duo coined when there was nothing else that made quite enough sense to describe their sound) are a new wave-meets-metal collaboration with a whole plethora of noteworthy musical undertones.

Roberts and Skinner are seasoned songwriters who officially conceived Dual Analog in 2019. They both draw inspiration from elements of darkwave, progressive metal, and adult-oriented rock. They then add their own romantic touches of new wave, industrial, and world music.  Mixing equal parts Moog to Marshall, they deliver a sound laden with lush, sexy vocals backed up by catchy bass grooves and smooth hooks, all under a veneer of crushing heavy metal guitar riffs and poly-rhythmic drum grooves,

Furthermore, their live show consists of their All Star Backing Band, which relatively adds to their complex wall of sound; featuring both electronic and live drums, multi-layered harmonies, and thick guitars.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Dual Analog