BJ & Migs Loud and Local Band of The Week: Palooka

Hailing from Seattle, Washington is two guitar, big thick rock band PALOOKA. Comprised of members who’ve been haunting the Seattle scene from the pre grunge days to present, PALOOKA builds their sound from the combined years of their musical history. PALOOKA’s sound borrows influence from their past contributions to bands like Overlord, Bible Stud, Slaughterhaus 5, Debutant, Razrez and Nylon Kincaid. PALOOKA brings those and other influences together to offer a complete and contemporary take on Hard Rock/Alternative music full of honest emotion and grit. With a complex rock sound full of emotion, melody and punching riffs Palooka is setting course for the new era of their sound.

Palooka are:
Chuck Campbell – Vocals
Glen Logan – Guitar
Howard Binner – Bass
Chris Quinn – Guitar
Jason Reavis – Drums