Toilet manufacturer wants to 'Flush 2020' with fun slogans

American Standard created rolls with phrases like "nasal swabs" to be thrown away.
Toilet paper in 2020
Photo credit Getty Images

One thing nearly everyone can agree on is that we're ready for 2020 to end. Toilet manufacturer American Standard feels your pain so they created a fun giveaway.

The company designed toilet paper rolls with phrases that people are tired of hearing. They're helping you literally 'Flush 2020'. After conducting a poll, they chose the following custom slogans.

“New Normal”
Canceled Vacations
Virtual Everything
Murder Hornets
Nasal Swabs
Missed Parties
“You’re on Mute”
Birthday Caravans

I would like to add "cancel culture" to the mix. American Standard's contest runs now through December 14, 2020. You can enter here.