WATCH: Pilot threatens to 'dump' unruly MAGA passengers in Kansas


MAGA supporters were making their voices heard on an American Airlines flight when the pilot made it clear he wasn't having it.

American Airlines later issued a statement when several passengers complained that the pilot announced on the overhead speaker he would "dump them in Kansas" if they didn't behave. Video of the scene shows people in American flag clothing chanting "USA" with pumping fists while others on the plane ask them to "shut up." 

The pilot said, ""This is the way it's gonna be. Um, it's a four-and-a-half-hour flight out to Phoenix. We'll put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and dump people off — I don't care. That’s… We will do that if that's what it takes. So behave, please."

Some passengers complained they were only chanting when the pilot intervened, although the airline itself said lack of masks was the real issue. 

"Prior to departure from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), the pilot onboard flight 1242 made an announcement emphasizing the importance of following crew member instructions and complying with mandatory face-covering policies," a representative for the carrier said in a statement obtained by Fox News. The conservative activist who posted the first video admitted they weren't following "every single rule," though she still umbrage at the pilot's words.

This comes as dozens of people who participated in the Capitol riots were detailed at airports across the country after they were identified. Videos surfaced across social media platforms of those on the "No fly list," screaming, shrieking, crying and begging as they were hauled away for their alleged role in storming the Capitol. 

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