Kansas House passes education bill

Kansas House of Representatives
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Tuesday, the Kansas House approved a bill creating a program that would give thousands of parents $5,150 for each child they want to move into home or private schools. The bill passed 64-61, and would take effect starting in the 2024-25 school year. Last month, the Kansas Senate voted 22-16 to approve a bill that would expand tax credits to donors who contribute to funds granting private school scholarships to students who are considered at-risk.

The bill was also bundled with money for special education and a pay increase for teachers. After the House vote Tuesday, the bill has to be reconciled with a Senate version before approval. And that requires negotiations between three Senators and three House members. Then the bill goes to the Governor, but it's unclear if she will sign it. Republicans hold two-thirds majorities in both chambers, which is what would be necessary to override a veto.

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