New COVID-19 restrictions take effect Friday in LA County - curfews for restaurants, breweries, wineries, non-essential retail


There are new COVID restrictions for Los Angeles County because of the spike in cases and hospitalizations.

This comes after the state and Gov. Gavin Newsom "pulling an "emergency brake" and trying to stop the spread of coronavirus - placing at least 41 counties back into more restrictive tiers including Orange County. Other counties that slipped back include Ventura, Santa Barbara and other counties in SoCal.

LA County is already in the most restrictive tier - the purple tier. California last week surpassed the 1 million confirmed coronavirus cases.

Supervisor Shelia Kuehl tells KNX the new rules go into effect Friday.

She says "everybody is talking about a curfew. The curfew that would only relate to restaurants breweries, wineries, and non-essential retail establishments from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m."

Another new rule is gatherings in public places will be limited to 15 people from a maximum of three households.

"Where the allowed services at personal care establishments - they can only now be done by appointment and where you were given services that didn't require masks like facials - now you can only get services where everybody keeps their masks on," she says.

Outdoor dining will be reduced to 50 percent capacity. Non-essential retail is reduced to 25 percent capacity.

Kuehl reminds people they are not imposing a lockdown. But with cases and hospitalization won’t he rise, behaviors need to change or the virus surge will only get worse.

In Orange County, the county is dealing with the new restrictions imposed by the state and Gov. Newsom Monday.

Featured Image Photo Credit: (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)