WATCH: Bear wanders aisles of Ralphs grocery store

black bear
Photo credit Getty Images

So, a bear walks into a grocery store. No really, it's not a joke.

A small black bear was spotted browsing the aisles at a Ralphs store in Porter Ranch over the weekend, and the incident was captured on video.

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Actress Tisha Campbell, best known for her role as Gina on the sitcom "Martin," happened to be shopping when the bear came strolling by.

After seeing the animal, the stunned actress retreated to her car in the parking lot. She posted video of the encounter on Instagram.

"It's not like I'm in a secluded area," she said. "I'm in my f--ing local grocery store."

The video shows the small bear, which weighs about 125 pounds, calmly strolling down an aisle.

"That ain't no damn puppy," she wrote. "Da' f--k do I look like? Dr. Doolittle?"

Campbell said store clerks shooed the bear out of the store and he went on his way.

"There was no policeman called no damn fire dept no veter-effin-narian," she wrote. "When you left the store you were on your own."

Campbell finished her post with the hashtags #wheretheresababytheresamomma, #whyarethewhitefolkswavingathebear, and #run. The video has been viewed more than 467,000 times.

David Balen, a member of the Porter Ranch neighborhood council, also captured video of the bear being chased out of Ralphs.

After leaving the store, the bear apparently wasn't done with his urban exploring for the day. A little while later, he was spotted outside of a Walmart nearby. This time, wildlife officials tranquilized the animal and brought it to a safe location in the Angeles National Forest, KTLA reported. Officials also fitted the bear with an ear tag so they'll know if he returns to the area.

Balen was on hand when the bear was captured outside of the Walmart. He posted photos of the animal when it was first spotted and before it was transported away from the scene.

Tim Daly, with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, said the bear was likely in search of food and water.

"Bears are getting more and more comfortable into where we live and in some cases, where we shop," Daly told CBS LA. "Bears know where their food is, where their next meal might be."