WATCH: Trump-supporters arrested, become unhinged after learning they're on no-fly lists


A plethora of videos were posted this past weekend of people who allegedly participated in the siege on the Capitol being carted off by federal officials in airports and airplanes.

Videos show Trump supporters being removed (some forcibly) as they arrived or departed their destinations.

One video shows a woman with a foreign accent asking officials about her children as she's being arrested, another shows a man screaming and crying after being asked to leave an airport terminal as he learns he's been placed on a no-fly list. And another shows a passenger being escorted off a place, while passengers cheer.

Since the attempted coup on January 6, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been asking for the public's help with identifying those seen entering the Capitol building.

Under an executive order signed by Trump himself, rioters could face 10 years in prison for participating in the event.

Meanwhile, the head of the union for flight attendants is calling for everyone who participated to be banned from flying back to their point of origin.