Fiji Water Girl Reveals Her Favorite Golden Globes Photobomb with Stryker and Klein

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While 'Bohemian Rhapsody' dominated the Golden Globe Awards this past Sunday, it was the photobombing Fiji Water Girl who dominated headlines the next day.

Fiji Water has been the official water of the Golden Globes for years, providing luxury in the simple fact that they need an official water, the fact that it’s Fiji, and the fact that actress and model Kelleth Cuthbert, now lovingly known as The Fiji Water Girl, was serving it.

She's seen serving both looks and water in the background of photos of nominees and attendees. Her perfect placement and knowledge of her “good side” makes it seem like her photobombing was no accident.

Stryker and Klein invited Cuthbert into the KROQ studios to talk about the experience. Her favorite photobomb? "Last night I discovered the one of me photobombing Heidi Klum kissing her fiance. Classic!" says Cuthbert.


After a round of rapid fire questions, Stryker and Klein challenged Cuthbert to a water taste test. Can Cuthbert guess which one is Fiji Water?


Watch the full interview below.