Idris Elba Plays DJ in Upcoming ‘Turn Up Charlie’ Netflix Show… and at Coachella

The actor will turn art into reality in the desert
Photo credit PA Images/SIPA USA

Most of us wouldn't have guessed that the next logical step in the career of actor Idris Elba would be a debut DJ set at Coachella. But, most of us would be wrong.

So why is PEOPLE's reigning Sexiest Man Alive taking the stage at Coachella this coming April? Actually, it all makes sense, we promise. Let us explain.

Elba is set to star in the upcoming Netflix series he co-created with Gary Reich called Turn Up Charlie. The series follows a struggling DJ who becomes a manny for a famous friend's problem child.

Of course, in real life, the 46-year-old entertainer is a musician at heart. In fact, he has a studio album, a mixtape, and four EPs to his name. He's also an accomplished DJ, having scratched for the NBA, BET, and on Pharoahe Monch​'s 2011 album W.A.R.

So, there you go, Idris Elba certainly has the resume to get a prime spot in the Coachella lineup

We'll see you in the desert, Idris!