Shark Tank Exclusive: KROQ’s Klein will be featured on Season Premiere September 29th on ABC.

Shark Tank promotional image Photo credit Shark Tank

“I’ve been keeping this in for over a year, and it hasn’t been easy” is how [Kevin] KLEIN, started his on-air announcement. Then the bombshell… “I can confirm that I will be joining the Sharks on The Season Premiere, but for a variety of legal reasons, I can’t say much more than that.”

Klein is currently the morning show host at KROQ in Los Angeles, and has no shortage of ideas “both good and very bad.” So what exactly will Klein be pitching the sharks on 9/29 at 8PM on ABC and Hulu?

Is it his idea for TOEsters: The coasters for your feet? Perhaps it’s his “OG Pizza Wine” called PIE Wine. Maybe it’s his line of disposable clothing to wear to Benihana.

Whatever it is, find out by tuning into the season 15 premiere of Shark Tank or just tune into KROQ and wait for him to accidentally slip and talk about it.

Klein.Ally.Show airs mornings from 5-10a on 106.7 KROQ (LA-OC).

Featured Image Photo Credit: Shark Tank