Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento, June 5, 2022

Annual celebration of Filipino Culture, History, and Contributions of Filipinos. It's the largest Filipino Celebration in Sacramento and vicinity that showcases the talents of the Filipino Community thru cultural food, arts,crafts & educational displays.
filipino fiesta
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June 5th, 2022
Jose Rizal Community Center
10am - 5pm

The annual Filipino Fiesta is held every first Sunday of June to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day. It is the biggest event where more than 10,000 Filipinos and other ethnic groups attend. The Fiesta event has been celebrated in Sacramento for more than 35 years. It was organized by different community organizations and individuals until these organizations and individuals decided to form an umbrella organization called the Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento (FFS) to plan, organize, and carry out the goals and purposes of this event every year.

The highlights of the fiesta are: Beauty Pageant held the day before the actual Fiesta celebration where the winners are showcased at the Fiesta parade; parade of different organizations groups with their own individual theme; entertainment; Eskrima/Arnis/Kali Tournament; traditional Filipino food such as lumpia, halo-halo, pancit, adobo, etc.. There are corporate sponsors. non-profit organizations, career and health faires, games, interactive activities, and vendors.

The Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento (FFS) is a 501c3 organization. Its mission is to promote and preserve the Filipino American’s rich cultural heritage through various educational, civic, historical, and cultural activities at the annual Filipino Fiesta celebration.Its purposes are:
To hold the Filipino Fiesta every first Sunday in June in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day.

To foster teamwork, cooperation and friendship among the various associations organizing this cultural event.
To provide opportunity for our youth to develop and showcase their talents.
To bring all generations to learn and enjoy our culture and traditions.
To promote good relations and understanding among the diverse cultural groups in Sacramento.