Women Making History Special with "Amber Stott"

It's Women's History Month and Amber Stott is making history with a new podcast Raising Kale. Want to make the world a better place? Love food? Let’s raise kale! Listen in to learn how our food--and the people who grow it, cook it, and work with it--makes the world a better place.

Food Literacy Center and its leader, Amber Stott, have a reputation--for doing good with food. As the Chief Food Genius and Kale Raiser, she speaks with peers around the country about their work on farms, with school children, and feeding the hungry. They’ll inspire you to roll up your sleeves and become a kale raiser, too! People with a values-driven approach to food. They may be a recipe developer with a mission to inspire more home cooking and health, or a farmer who strives to improve the land. These are trail-blazers and kale raisers in their field.


The series hails from America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramento, California, hosted by Amber Stott, Chief Food Genius of the nonprofit Food Literacy Center. You don’t have to run a business or have a visionary idea to help improve our food system. We need these people--but we also need you! You can plug into the amazing projects that exist around the country, and during each episode, I’ll tell you how.

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