“Krispy Skreme” offers a dozen donuts for $1 for Halloween

 Scott Olson / Staff

To celebrate Halloween Krispy Kreme is becoming “Krispy Skreme.” Plus, they have four Halloween-themed donuts:

·      The Abra Cat Dabra donut is an original glazed donut dipped in chocolate icing and black sanding sugar, and decorated like a cat using fondant eyes.

·      The Enchanted Cauldron donut is a glazed chocolate cake donut with kreme, sprinkles, and a pretzel on top to resemble a witch's broomstick.

·      The Bewitched Broomstick is a shell donut dipped in purple icing, with an icing swirl, gold stars, green buttercream and another pretzel stick broomstick.

·      and the Spooky Sprinkle donut is a little more classic, as it's made with an original glazed donut dipped in orange icing and topped with Halloween sprinkles.

In addition, starting October 16th and every Saturday for the remainder for the month, Krispy Skreme is has a promotion called "Saturday Scary Sharies;" offering customers a dozen donuts for $1 with the purchase of any dozen. Plus the dozen comes in a special edition spellbook box. See the images from their Instagram below and get more details here.