Missy Elliott admits she 'used to cry' when people clowned her, but now she's the influence

She flipped those critiques and reversed it
Missy Elliott
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By , Audacy

Missy Elliott is the crème de la crème. Fans heavily campaigned for her long overdue Video Vanguard acknowledgement and almost every VERZUZ has either a Missy reference or an blatant request for her to bless the stage. She is IT.

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However, before people opted to recognize that she is the blueprint, the rapper admitted that she used to be considered a joke. In a conversation that surfaced from DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne, the NOLA legend easily revealed that Missy is his "favorite rapper."

"That would be why I was making so many sounds," he explained, specifically referencing "Block Burner" and "Block Is Hot." Ms. "Supa Dupa Fly" herself took to Twitter, responding to the admission with a new tidbit of her own. "When I [first] came in the game people laughed at me doing sound effects in my music, I used to cry when they clowned me but then I kept doing wild sounds/crazy adlibs in my songs & people began to rock wit it. Years later those same sound effects are big in songs today," she wrote.

Hard to believe, right?! The "Work It" rapper also mentioned that she "used to cry at the drop of a dime." She wrote, "I will say the Industry will TOUGHEN you up tho! I was DIFFERENT which some may have deemed my sound & style as weird But I remained TRUE to myself as a artist & Thankfully people gave my FUTURISTIC vibe a chance."

When one fan thanked Wayne for his, "ode to Missy for her originality and influence," Missy continued with a message about influence. She wrote, "Yes I thank Lil Wayne for that Because as a [woman] many times we get overlooked for contribution and by him always showing love, it shows another generation of my influence that influence