Philadelphia chef known for Jewish cuisine opens his first restaurant, Huda

Yehuda Sichel
Photo credit Hadas Kuznits/KYW Newsradio
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia chef Yehuda Sichel is kicking off the Jewish new year with a restaurant of his own along Rittenhouse Row.

Sichel, an Abe Fisher alum known for his Jewish American cuisine, is coincidentally set to open his first restaurant just ahead of the start of the High Holidays this weekend.

It’s called Huda, located at ‪32 S. 18th St., where he’ll specialize in housemade bread baked fresh every morning.

“We have two types of bread,” he said. “We have a Japanese-style milk bread, and then we have a sourdough.”

testing a high hydration no knead sourdough #gluten #noyeastnoproblem

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Sichel is opening Huda during the pandemic, a time when most restaurants are still relying on takeout orders. To accommodate, he’s going to focus on sandwiches.

“We do a brisket sandwich. We also do a smoked salmon, open-faced on grilled sourdough. And we also do a roasted squash with some roasted almonds and some honey.”

Decisions, decisions...

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Tomorrow at 11:30..... brisket, garlic pickles, dijonaise, onions @hudaphl for the grand finale of #hudapopup

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All of those items translate well to takeout, he said, which will soon be up and running for online orders.

Sichel said his brisket sandwich stands out to him personally.

“It's sort of full circle. You know, brisket is synonymous with American Jewish eating, and I've been cooking brisket a long time,” he said. “This is just a different variation of how I've cooked it and how I've prepared it.”

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