Employees from media company Entercom celebrate Earth Day by getting to work in Philly parks

To celebrate Earth Day, Entercom partnered with Fairmount Park Conservancy to help spruce up the Lemon Hill Project near boathouse row.
Photo credit Cherri Gregg/KYW Newsradio
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The portion of Fairmount Park near Lemon Hill got a facelift Monday thanks to 150 Entercom employees who volunteered their afternoon in celebration of Earth Day.

Entercom is the radio company that owns KYW Newsradio and 234 other stations nationwide. 

Volunteers raked, bagged, mulched, planted, picked up trash, pulled up weeds and spruced up the space all around Lemon Hill.

Our @KYWNewsradio PD @AlexSilverman is pushing wheel barrels and loving it!! I’ll tell you why he’s rolling up more than sleeves for #EarthDay! @Entercom pic.twitter.com/DhVEXvMa5i

— Cherri Gregg (@cherrigregg) April 22, 2019

To celebrate Earth Day, Jaimie Field, the company's director of sustainability, says Entercom partnered with Fairmount Park Conservancy to help spruce up the Lemon Hill Project near boathouse row.

While the local park will feel the impact, the effort is much broader.

"In almost 50 markets across America, almost 3,000 people, they are all making a difference in their community," said Jaimie, referring to Entercom locations nationwide.

"We're just so thrilled to have them out because it takes a lot of man power," said Meg Holsher, who works at the Fairmount Park Conservancy.  

She says the nonprofit provides the materials and training, and corporate partners like Entercom provide the workers. And the help is game-changing, week to week.

"This is an area heavily trafficked by families, so we like to keep it clean," said Holsher, "we would love to have them here working every week!"

"We're a company that has a deep sense of responsibility and we give back every year," said David Field, CEO of Entercom. 

.@Entercom employees are getting a little dirty for #EarthDay! I’ll explain how this project fits into an overall philosophy on sustainability on @KYWNewsradio #1Thing pic.twitter.com/fZ34n2HRho

— Cherri Gregg (@cherrigregg) April 22, 2019

He spent the afternoon planting trees and says the clean up effort is part of Entercom's 1 Thing sustainability initiative.

"It really is a part of our values as a company," he said. "It's an honor and privilege to be broadcasters, so we are out here in force trying to make Philadelphia an even greater place."

As part of the company's 1 Thing initiative, employees use less paper at the workplace, employ reusable water bottles and dishes and much more as part of Entercom's pledge to act as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. 

For more details on the 1 Thing initiative at Entercom, click here.