Innovation festival highlights Philadelphia in an effort to ignite new ideas

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — There's a major push to build Philadelphia's reputation as the most innovative city on the East Coast, and it's being done through a three-day festival that kicks off Tuesday.

Over the next few days, businesses and colleges throughout the city will host innovation workshops that highlight Philadelphia's advancements in a number of different fields.

"Art, music, film, sports, healthcare, tech, engineering, fashion," are some of the fields, explained B. PHL Innovation Fest's Michelle Histand.

Histand says their more than 200 interactive workshops, sessions and exhibits are meant to bring people together, to help them continue to make advancements.

"One of the things that you can expect to see at B. PHL is people telling their story about their organization or themselves and their work, and how they're contributing to innovation in Philadelphia and beyond," she explained. 

Histand says they also want to use this as a chance to promote Philadelphia to a larger audience.

"We don't always do a great job of telling our own story. We're an underdog and that's only cute for a minute, to a point, so we're really at a point where we need to a better job of highlighting all of the opportunity here and showing that Philadelphia is a place of choice," she said. 

They're working in areas like Kensington, North Philadelphia, South Philadelphia and West Philadelphia to make sure they highlight innovation in a diverse group of socioeconomic neighborhoods.

"We ran neighborhood events that were focused on different types on innovation in those neighborhoods and innovators in those neighborhoods," she added. 


Editor's Note: Entercom, the parent company of KYW Newsradio, is partnering with the festival organizers to host several events throughout the week.