Run Discover gives runners chance to explore hidden trails in Philly


“It's a way to keep people moving, keep people busy, give people something to look forward to, and give people a way to stay healthy and active while also social distancing,” explained Ryan Callahan, who’s with Run House, one of the entities producing Run Discover.

The running challenge, he explained, lasts four weeks. Every week, participants are assigned a different four- to five-mile course in the city “in a place that if you are a runner, you've probably never run before.”

Callahan said they keep track of the runners by encouraging them to post selfies and interact online.

The challenge starts July 5, and part of the entrance fee goes to local nonprofits.

“Our hope with Run Discover is that, one: this is very pro-community, and it's a great offering for the runners of Philadelphia. Two: that we can support local businesses. Everybody who is behind this is a local business,” he said. 

Organizers say there are also prizes for the runners who participate and complete Run Discover.