Study: People with glaucoma have more car accidents than their peers

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Photo credit seb_ra/Getty Images
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Having glaucoma could put you at higher risk for fender benders. 

People with vision loss from glaucoma are at a higher risk of getting into car accidents than other people the same age, according to Sheryl Wizov, clinical research coordinator at Wills Eye Hospital. 

Her team conducted a multiyear study of people over the age of 60 with glaucoma. Each person was seen five different times.

"5.9 percent of our patients reported an auto accident at their first visit," Wizov said. 

She said those numbers went up each year and this is information that needs to be shared with doctors and family members.

"Having a conversation about the safety of being behind the wheel when you have some side vision loss is important," she added. 

While there are treatments for glaucoma, there is no cure.