Will coronavirus impact NBA recruits? Villanova’s Wright says ‘so what’

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — This is the time of year when some college basketball players determine if they are ready for the NBA, but the sports shutdown means there are no organized workouts.  

Villanova University’s Saddiq Bey said he’s had to improvise to stay in shape.

“Just trying to find little ways and kind of going back to the old-school style of things — doing stuff in your house and outside and running outside,” he said.

It will be difficult for Bey and other prospects with no formal workouts, but Wildcats coach Jay Wright said that pales in comparison with what the world is dealing with right now.

“Everything is so fluid right now in our society, No. 1, because of this virus, so that trickles down to every other aspect of our society,” he said. “I’m sure recruiting and this NBA process is going to be affected, and it might affect us all next year.

“If it affects us and hurts us a little bit, so what?” he added. “Suck it up. There’s a lot more important things going on in our world right now.”

The NBA draft is scheduled for June 25, but it is expected to be postponed.​​