Gone Cold: What happened to Jeanette Tambe?


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — In 1986, the body of a young woman was found on a property in Buena Vista, New Jersey.

She remained unidentified for decades — until a police detective chasing down leads on another cold case in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, found DNA evidence that linked the body found in New Jersey to a young woman, Jeanette Tambe, who disappeared from Bucks County.

The New Jersey State Police Cold Case unit is trying to find her killer.

Tambe was buried in Seaside Cemetery in 1996. It's a place where the unnamed went. And now, among three detectives, finding out what happened to her is all they can hope for.

Jeanette Tambe case
A composite sketch of the unidentified female discovered in Buena Vista, New Jersey, in 1986. Photo credit New Jersey State Police
Jeanette Tambe case
In 1986, the body of a young woman was found on this property in Buena Vista, New Jersey. Decades later, DNA evidence identified her as Jeanette Tambe. Photo credit New Jersey State Police

"I just think it speaks to society at large. We're a society that doesn't forget these things. They don't just get completely left to the side and never looked at again," New Jersey State Police Det. Sgt. Jospeh Itri said of the case.

"She's not missing anymore," Bensalem Police Det. Chris McMullin added.

"You know what it did, too — this is gonna sound strange, but the system worked. ... That was the first and only time in a case like this that it's worked for me, and I was pretty excited about it."

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Featured Image Photo Credit: New Jersey State Police