Virtual Trick or Treating App

virtual trick or treating app
Photo credit Getty Images

There is a new trick or treat app you might want to download.  Its called Treat Town.

It lets kids trick or treat online and they get actual candy in real life.  Also, you can be a candy giver too.

After you've downloaded the app you sign up to be a candy giver or trick or treater.  Candy givers buy virtual candy credits and they can choose to open their door to anybody nearby whose virtually trick or treating or just family and friends.  Trick or treaters collect the candy credits that can be exchanged for real candy online or in stores.  You can virtually knock on doors of people you know across the country if they sign up.

You get to decorate a virtual door and pick avatars.

This part is really cool....

Kids can give their credits to the Boys & Girls Club of America as a cash donation too if they want. 

You can also trick or treat at the Disney Haunted Mansion to unlock special costumes from Disney!!  This starts October 23rd.