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50 Cent made a surprise appearance at a press conference yesterday morning for Houston’s Christmas Eve Superfeast. His foundation donated toys to the the nonprofit that puts on the superfeast. 

Mix’s Acoustic Christmas event will be a little different this year! It’s on Sunday December 20th and 9pm and the concert features Ava Max, The Goo Goo Dolls, Keith Urban, Dan and Shay, Meghan Trainer, Kelly Clarkson, Matt Nathanson, Rob Thomas, Lady A, and Train.

The Houston Zoo welcomed a new baby howler money to their family! Marlie was apparently born on November 17th and has been bonding with her family, and now they can be seen in South America’s Pantanal.

Gov Abbot made it clear this week that he considers state educators front line workers and they will be “near the front of the line” for a vaccine.

Jennifer Lopez is set to play an FBI agent in Netflix’s new murder mystery called “The Cipher” based off the novel.

Taco Bell may have taken a lot away from us this year, but they are adding a few new things to the menu starting on Christmas Eve. They’re bringing back the nacho fries, $1 loaded nacho taco, and the Bacon Club Chalupa.

Over half of Americans say they will not take their kids to see Santa this year, what are your thoughts?

Business experts are predicting that a 9-5 work week will be no longer after the pandemic. They are thinking companies will let employees continue to work from home 2 or more days per week. They say a 3-2-2 (office, remote, off) will most likely be the new normal.

The owl that was discovered in the Rockefeller Christmas tree this year is now the subject of his own book!! It’s called Rockefeller The Christmas Owl and is about him going on an adventure and meeting Santa before he’s reunited with his family.

Today is national answer the phone like Buddy The Elf day, so if you call us we will absolutely answer like that. 

George Clooney had an interview with Howard Stern yesterday where he was asked about the Tom Cruise headlines this week. He said Tom didn’t overreact because it is a problem. He did say though that he would have handled it differently but he completely backed him up.