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Today is Ground Hog day! Phil saw his shadow! Which means 6 more weeks and of winter and PHIL IS ON IT. Three cold fronts are expected to blow through Houston over the next 10 days, but we're already feeling the chill from the front that blew in over the weekend. 

Mayor Turner announced that the Houston Health Department has received a total of 18,600 second doses of the COVID vaccine and plans on administering doses to 12,000 Houstonians this week.

Dustin Diamond aka Screech from Saved By The Bell passed away yesterday from cancer. He was 44 years old.

Looks like the Rockets are doing just fine without James Harden. They set a franchise record hitting 28 3-pointers last night in a game against the Thunder. The score was 136-106.

Noah Centineo is set to star in a new Netflix movie all about the surge in GameStop stock. Obviously there is no release date yet, but we know that the film is all about the battle between hedge funds and the amateur Reddit traders.

The video all over the internet right now is John Krasinski hosting SNL and kicking off the show with a kiss! Cast members were teasing him during his opening monologue about The Office and asking where Pam was. John Krasinski turned and gave fellow celeb Pete Davison a huge kiss!

You’re not the only one: a study of adults ages 18-59 show that we’re all experiencing these senior moments. Finding the right word, forgetting why you walked into a room, misplacing their phone, forgetting to buy items at the grocery store, can’t find their keys, and blank over their pin number.

The most brilliant idea. Barilla, the pasta company has teamed up with Spotify to create playlists that will help you cook pasta perfectly. Basically once your water is boiling,  you just put the pasta in and start one of the songs on the playlist! When the song is done, so is your pasta! The playlist features all Italian artists.

There is a new fashion trend called Dopamine Dressing where you essentially wear clothing that brings you joy. Psychologists are showing that the outfits we choose can have a direct impact on how we think and make decisions. What you wear can influence how you perceive yourself.