All The Feels

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Being inclusive to people from all different walks of life with a different set of challenges in their life is so important. And what better place to start working on inclusivity than right in your neighborhood? When Hanna and Mark Gleiberman realized their city didn’t have a fully inclusive and accessible playground, they wanted to do something about it.

Hanna and Mark live in California, and saw how much time the kids in their neighborhoods spent at their local playground. Except the playground itself wasn't built for everyone, so they decided to donate $1 million to get an inclusive and accessible playground built.

This new playground offers a ton of different opportunities that support the development of the kids and families who will use it. Not only will it meet the physical, mental, social and sensory needs of the kids, but it will also allow adults with disabilities to play with their kids comfortably and safely!

Hanna is a former teacher, and she says that they were inspired to make the donation to boost the self-esteem and self-image of kids. They wanted to help build friendships between non-disabled and disabled people of all ages! How can you make sure everyone in your community feels included?