All The Feels

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There really is nothing better than spending time with the person that you love. Whether it's your spouse, your pet, or your kids: Nothing beats the time that you get to spend together. Although sometimes we take for granted all the good times we have. Like when Tyler and I were quarantined together and drove each other crazy, or when Sarah's daughter Parker refuses to eat anything for dinner!

Our inconveniences seem so tiny compared to Frank and Terry Martinez in Illinois! They are 92 and 86 year old couple who has been married for 63 years!! Right now they are both being treated for COVID-19 and aren't able to be treated in the same area of the hospital, let alone the same room. Normally, they are totally inseparable and having to be so far apart was torture! Seeing these two lovebirds apart felt so wrong.

So their two nurses, Kim and Hannah, came up with a master plan to get the 2 together, just for one night. They set up a special "dinner date" night where Frank and Terry could eat together and hold hands just for the evening. And if that doesn't make you want to run and hug your special person, we don't know what will. The hospital staff hopes that giving them some time together will give them the extra boost they need to recover and finally go home together.

Today we're going to try to love all the tiny fights and inconveniences that come with spending time with the people we love, because after all time is so precious! Parker and I won't fight over mac and cheese for dinner for the 10th night in a row. And Jessie, try not to lose your mind the next time Tyler leaves the toilet seat up.