All The Feels

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It may not get crazy cold here in Texas compared to other parts of the country, but that doesn't mean we don't all need a jacket when it drops to 50! And every year around this time we start to worry about our animals too and keeping them warm. It breaks our hearts to think about the stray animals, and it's even worse up where it's colder.

 Stephanie Lindquist-Johnson and her six-year-old son Phillip live in Kansas, where it gets significantly colder in the winter! They hated the thought of any stray animal being left out in the cold, so they came up with a brilliant idea to help stray cats, and other animals in the area stay warm..

They realized that foam coolers could be turned into little shelters. So, they posted a message on their neighborhood website and asked people in their community to donate their coolers instead of throwing them away. Dozens of neighbors responded wanting to help, so Stephanie and Phillip got to work!

Thanks to the hard work and help of their neighbors, Stephanie and Phillip turned ordinary coolers into little homes to help protect stray cats and dogs, raccoons, possums, and other animals from the cold! There are a ton of things around my house that can be repurposed into something like this. And it's a great activity to do with my daughter Parker! Send us a picture of you and your kids finding something around your house to repurpose so we can share your idea and join in on the fun!