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Wedding planning can be difficult, and how much say do your parents and in-laws get in the matter? Paris Hilton’s mom is opening up about the problems she had with Carter during their wedding planning. Apparently he was too involved in his own wedding. She called him a groomzilla who “got his mits into everything.”

Our taco twosday artist Rihanna is keeping her word on fighting climate change. Through her Clara Lionel Foundation, she’s pledged 415 million to help the cause. Specifically her donation will help 18 different organizations that are working for climate justice in the US and Caribbean.

Coldplay has their ending all timed out. Chris Martin appeared on Ellen to share that Coldplay will make 3 more albums all before 2025 and then they are done making new music. The plan is to tour for the rest of their time together.  He also said that one of the albums will be a movie musical????

Swifties, how far deep are you in the rabbit hole of Taylor having an unreleased album from 2016 for us? The theories are flying and the clues are pretty solid. There was a popular fan theory that Taylor’s 6th album was supposed to be called Karma. Between 2006 and 2014 Taylor released a new album every 2 years like clockwork. But in 2016, when she would have normally released a new album, she went away from the public eye completely after the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian scandal broke out just a few months before the 2 year anniversary of 1989. It was all over his song Famous and she didn’t tease new music until 2017 to tease Reputation. Fans also think her “LWYMMD” music video confirms the theory because it features 14 different versions of Taylor in her career and there was one version we’ve never seen before. That version was also seen sawing off the wings of a plane with “TS6” written on it, with most fans believing it was a metaphor for her having to ground her 6th album after the public feud. But we’re not done yet. Another clue, because you know Taylor loves Easter eggs in her video for “The Man” there’s a scene with all her albums written on graffiti and the word KARMA in between 1989 and reputation with a sign that says missing. Do with this information what you will. We know there’s more, but this is a 4 hour show.