Andrew McMahon gushes about his daughter growing up on stage at Audacy Beach Festival

'She loves music, she loves being on a stage'

As a touring musician and devoted dad, Andrew McMahon has regularly taken his daughter, Cecilia, out on the road with him. Traveling all over in a tour bus is nothing new to the now 8-year-old and and neither is taking the stage in front of thousands of her dad’s screaming fans.

LISTEN NOW: Andrew McMahon shares stories of his daughter growing up on the road

“We raised her on a tour bus. Before she had to go to school, it was just like, family and all of our stuff and the kid [on the road],” Andrew told Audacy’s Dallas before taking the stage at Audacy’s Beach Festival.

“She loves music, she loves being on a stage. The first time that she came out and sang on stage, it was not a plan,” he laughed. “She just ran out and grabbed a microphone and did it. I think she’s enamored by this space… but it’s kind of what she grew up in. I think she’ll probably end up on a stage somewhere at the end of the day is my guess.”

To end up on the stage takes a lot of practice and according to McMahon, little Cecilia practices on and off stage. He went on to share that he regularly walks by her room and sees her dancing and singing along to a Something Corporate album.

“I have all my old vinyls in a box and I found the Leaving Through The Window vinyl, so I gave her that and there’s been these very adorable proud dad moments where I’ll walk by her room and she’s like dancing around in her room to the Leaving Through The Window record.

While she’s regularly caught dancing along to Something Corporate, McMahon says she has no real preference between the bands he’s been a part of, according to him she just prefers anything that mentions her.

“Her preference is for any song that might reference her in any way whatsoever,” he laughed. “There are a handful of songs on this new record where there are little nods to her. She actually sings on one of the songs on the new record. She prefers those songs to anything.”

Hear more from McMahon’s interview with Dallas from Audacy’s Beach Festival above.

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