Chili Peppers' Chad Smith on 'Dream Canteen' and his full circle moment performing with Rush

'15-year-old Chad had a full diaper playing with Rush!'
Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Photo credit Suzanne Cordiero/AFP via Getty Images

Attempting to keep up with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, especially now that they've released their second double album of 2022, is proving to be a somewhat daunting task.

LISTEN NOW: Chad Smith talks 'Dream Canteen' with Klein/Ally Show

On the release day of the band's second double album of 2022, drummer Chad Smith called in to talk with KROQ's Klein and Ally about the Red Hot Chili Peppers' latest album, Return of the Dream Canteen, their second huge offering this year, following up April's UNLIMITED LOVE.

Chad says the band is just so proud of their music, they've got another six albums in the can just waiting for the green light. While that's likely a complete exaggeration, we don't think it's really that much of a stretch. "No, no, kids... we're too busy playing concerts," he clarifies. "We're playing these football and baseball stadiums, it's wild." After this year's two double releases he says, "Chili Peppers: we leave our fans wanting less!"

Aside from his work writing, recording, and touring with the Chili Peppers, this year fans also got to see Smith perform during the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts at The Forum in Los Angeles in honor of his late friend and fellow drummer. "What a celebration, he would have loved it," says Chad. "And I know personally would have loved so much because I got to play with the guys from Rush. It was such a full circle; the last concert Rush played with Neil [Peart] their drummer was at The Forum in 2015, and Taylor and I went to that concert... air-drumming along with everybody else. We didn't know, obviously, that would be the last one, so for the guys in Rush to be able to come back there and perform in Taylor's honor... it was beautiful." He says his experiences at the tribute concerts were, "joyful and fun, and 15-year-old Chad had a full diaper playing with Rush!"

That full diaper was obviously a metaphor, but the trio finished off their chat with a somewhat related question surrounding current events of musicians and athletes stopping shows and being carted off the field respectively due to the need for a bathroom break. "We just had pee bottles behind the stage and we'd just pee in bottles," Chad admits. "You just kind of get somebody to stand there and make sure there isn't any lewd and lascivious acts. Because God knows we wouldn't want to be caught naked on stage... no, no, we can't have that!"

The new RHCP album is available now via Warner Records. Check out the full interview with Chad Smith above, and stay tuned for more conversations with your favorite artists on Audacy.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Suzanne Cordiero/AFP via Getty Images