Liam and 'angry squirt' Noel Gallagher are fighting about Oasis, again

'Would you go on holiday with your ex-missus?'
Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher of Oasis
Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher of Oasis Photo credit Matt Cardy/Getty Images
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If there's one thing in this crazy world we can always count on, it's the brothers Gallagher periodically inserting their Oasis squabbles into our daily routines, complete with silly names and slim chances of an official reunion.

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The sibling rivalry between the two core Oasis members has to be one of the reasons that the band, as older bro Noel Gallagher bragged on the October 17 Pub Talk podcast, continues to "sell as many records now, per year, as we did when we were together," adding, "We’re as popular now, in the eyes of the people, as we ever were and I’m happy with it." Of course, as a card-carrying fan, their recorded catalog and incredible stage presence -- even when they're feuding -- should undoubtedly come first and second on the list.

At any rate, the war of words continues and fans get to see it all unfold in the public sphere. Singer Liam Gallagher, who has previously said he believes Oasis should never have split, was recently asked on Twitter whether there would be any Oasis songs appearing in the documentary surrounding his massive Knebworth '22 concerts over the summer. "No oasis songs as the angry squirt has blocked them," Gallagher responded referring to Noel, adding, "he also blocked the oasis I sang for Taylor Hawkins tribute he’s a horrible little man."

When another fan pointed out how "maddening" their continued brawling is in light of Noel's recent praise, Liam wrote, “What he says and does are two different things he’s a sad little dwarf.” Later, Liam added, “It’s the only [bit] of power he’s got left he knows he’s coasting into the oblivious.”

Hours later, Liam returned saying, “You can stop us using the songs but you can’t erase our memories shame on you Noel Gallagher.”

It's been quite a few years since the estranged Gallaghers have even been in the same room together, and it's worth noting that Noel shot down the idea of a reunion once again in his most recent talk on the subject. "I don’t like going back over things. I always say to people 'would you go on holiday with your ex-missus?'," he asked the Pub Talk hosts. "If we got back together, it would be a circus and there’s no point. Just leave it as it is. I’m happy, [Liam’s] doing his thing, he’s f***ing selling out Knebworth, it’s like, 'Mate, good luck to you.'"

But, just in case you're missing any albums from your Oasis collection, Noel also said it would take "a set of extraordinary circumstances" for fans to see the band perform together ever again.

So, the wait goes on...

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images