Saweetie takes us 'Closer' into her magical, upbeat collaboration with H.E.R.

'She's been on my wishlist for a really long time'
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Hot on the heels of her latest Icy Season offering, Hip Hop and Pop superstar Saweetie joined Audacy host Julia today for a special 'Check In' to celebrate!

LISTEN NOW: Saweetie talks with Julia for an Audacy Check In

Saweetie released her debut EP, High Maintenance, in 2018, featuring "Icy GRL," following that up with her fan-favorite Icy EP, released in March 2019 which brought us the Top 40 hit "My Type." At the moment, Saweetie is nominated for Best New Artist and Best Rap Song for this year's Icy Season EP hit "Best Friend" at the 2022 GRAMMYs.

We've already heard a few new songs from the California-born rapper's forthcoming debut full-length, Pretty Bitch Music, scheduled for release this year -- "Tap In," “Back to the Streets” with Jhené Aiko, “Fast (Motion),” and "Best Friend" featuring her "bestie in a Tessie," Doja Cat -- and now another hit has arrived.

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"Closer," Saweetie's brand new collaboration with H.E.R., and their official music video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, dropped on February 10. "H.E.R. is amazing," Saweetie says with a big smile. "She's on the chorus, I'm on the verses, and I think we made something magical. I wanted something fun, something upbeat," Saweetie added, regarding the track's "delightful" mood. "I can picture people skating, partying, cleaning, making TikToks, dancing, driving... the options are limitless. I feel like as long as you're having a good time, this song fits that vibe."

Back in December 2021 at Audacy’s eighth annual We Can Survive show, Saweetie answered a question directly from H.E.R., who wondered at the time what exactly it meant to be "Icy." Now that they have had a chance to work together, Saweetie says it's come full circle. "We're both from the Bay Area, we're both Black and Filipino, so she's been on my wishlist for a really long time. When my verses were done, I was trying to envision the chorus, and I was like, 'only H.E.R. could execute, with her sultry-a**, sexy voice.'"

Saweetie says there were no feelings of nervousness leading up to the release of this single because, as she puts it, it's a "no-brainer, spreading love type of song. We all need love, we all love feeling excited, feeling warm, feeling full of joy... and this is exactly what this song makes you feel."

After explaining her unlikely spaghetti and ranch sauce go-to room service order, and the strangely fascinating way she describes how the two sauces combine, Saweetie's thoughts on collaborations in music tied in perfectly. "I feel like every artist has their thing that they bring out, through their music, through their energy, through their brand, through their message. So, I'm just so happy that me and H.E.R. were able to share this fun, upbeat love song. Because my girl be singing her heart out!"

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