What if Jimmy Eat World played the Super Bowl? The band weighs in at ABF

Rihanna sure, but what about Jimmy Eat World?
Jimmy Eat World
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With Super Bowl LVII fast approaching, sports fans are getting ready to see their teams advance to the big game in Glendale, AZ, while music fans are counting down the days for an impressive halftime show from Rihanna.

LISTEN NOW: Jimmy Eat World daydreams of playing a Super Bowl halftime show

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While the 34-year-old Barbados native is surely hard at work on an epic show, Arizona-based band, Jimmy Eat World is wondering why they never received a call to play the show on their home turf.

“We were robbed, it should’ve been us,” frontman Jim Adkins joked to Audacy’s Dallas in the Hard Rock Artist Lounge at Audacy Beach Festival. “But we’re really happy for Rihanna,” added Rick Burch to keep things PC.

“I think Rihanna is going to do an awesome job,” said Zach Lind. “I think more people know her and like her music, so it’ll make al to more sense for her to play it than us.”

Admitting they never plan on getting a call to play the big headlining slot (ever), the guys still had fun daydreaming about the type of show they’d put together if a miracle were to happen.

“We would probably just do, ‘The Middle,’ like four times and then it would be over,” laughed Lind before the group brainstormed who they would bring as a special guest.

“We’re going to bring out people much bigger than us for people not to turn the channel” Adkins said as the guys shouted out names like Shakira, Taylor Swift, Weird Al, and Paul McCartney.

WATCH NOW: Jimmy Eat World daydreams of playing a Super Bowl halftime show


While the guys may not have made the Super Bowl line up, they did make the prestigious Audacy Beach Festival line-up which took place December 3 and 4 in Fort Lauderdale. Catch their full interview from their time with Audacy above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: John Parra/Getty Images