People Miss Travel So Much They’re Getting Airplane Food Delivered to Their Homes


With many across the country avoiding air travel during the coronavirus outbreak, some are wondering when it will be safe to travel again.

Some travelers may miss booking a flight, holding a suitcase and boarding pass, or even munching on an in-flight snack.

If you are missing food from the airplane, you’re in luck.

Imperfect Foods, an online surplus-stock grocery delivery company, has got you covered. According to the Washington Post, this week, the company is selling JetBlue airline cheese and snack trays. For three ounces of mixed cheeses, crackers, and dried cherries, you can get it all for $2.99.

Imperfect Foods chief executive Philip Behn said before the pandemic got worse, the airplane meal supplier said they saw a decline in business-class and economy seats.

“This was one of our first COVID-19 food waste recovery opportunities,” Behn said. “We could only take a fraction of what they had.”

Behn said the company had sold 40,000 cheese and snack trays.

Julianna Bryan, a communications specialist, said JetBlue had to reduce its in-flight food and beverage service to minimize contact from the flight attendants to the passengers. However, the airline has donated leftover food to Feeding America, other food banks, and hospitals.

As the pandemic continues, on May 4, JetBlue began to require all passengers to wear face coverings during travel to help slow the spread of coronavirus. The company is now the first major U.S. airline to implement that new policy.

Previously, the airline required all crew members wear face coverings while working.

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