Rock Musician Slams Media For Spreading Chinese Communist Party Propaganda

Sean Lennon
Photo credit Getty Images

Rock musician Sean Lennon bashed the mainstream media for its coverage of the coronavirus, calling them out for spreading Chinese communist propaganda and using double standards.

Lennon, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, shared his disdain on Twitter Wednesday for the way the "real" reporters have covered the coronavirus outbreak, particularly in regards to China.

"The official media have lost their legitimacy," he declared.

Lennon also commented on the news that U.S. intelligence officials have discovered that China has not been truthful about the impact of COVID-19 in the country by concealing the true number of deaths and cases.

On March 20, he pointed out the hypocrisy of liberals who claim calling it the "Chinese virus" or "Wuhan virus" is racist, but have no problem with numerous other diseases named for their place of origin.