Election Season Upon Us

Early Voting Starts Friday as Polling Place and District
Terry McAuliffe Campaigns in 2021 for Governor
Terry McAuliffe Campaigns in 2021 for Governor Photo credit Matt Demlein, WRVA

Richmond, Va. (Newsradiowrva.com) - The 2022 Election Season is truly upon Virginia. Notices have begun to go out from the Elections Department, informing voters if their polling place has changed, as well as their "new" Congressional, House, and Senate districts. Virginia redistricted after the last election, and some voters may find themselves with new districts.

Early Voting also gets underway this week on Friday. Voters will be able to voter on weekdays at their registrar's office up until the last two weeks before Election Day, when Saturdays will then be added in. Voters do not need to provide a reason to vote early.

Election Day is November 8th.

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