Henrico Fire Begins Live Training

Will Be Conducting "Live Fire Evolutions" Over Next Six Weeks
A building surrounded by firefighters
The training began on Wednesday evening Photo credit David Lefkowitz, WRVA

Henrico County (Newsradiowrva.com) -- The Henrico Fire Department held their first "live fire evolution" of the year on Wednesday evening.

During one of these exercises, a building in a controlled location is set on fire, and members of the Henrico Fire Department practice putting it out and rescuing mannequins inside. The simulations are held once a week over two six-week periods a year, and every member of the Henrico Fire Department will participate at least once.

This, according to Fire Chief Jackson Baynard, is the best realistic training they can get to prepare them for real scenarios. Baynard also addressed staffing numbers among Henrico Fire crews, saying that they are trying to fill their staff to offset retirements, but that they currently have over 160 applicants to the position.

Featured Image Photo Credit: David Lefkowitz, WRVA