Henrico Kids Return

As Delegates Consider Reopening Requirements
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Richmond, Va. (Newsradiowrva.com) - Henrico's youngest elemntary kids returned to classrooms Monday (if they chose) as Henrico began its school reopening plan. The reopening came as the General Assembly debated a bill in committee that would require districts to offer in-person education options.

The bill already passed the Senate, and on Monday, made it out of the House Education Committee. However, changes have been made, so the Senate will eventually have to take another vote on it if it passes the House of Delegates.

The bill does not have an emergency clause, so it won't go in effect until the summer, missing this school year. It also does not mandate five days a week in person. The biggest opposition came not from teachers, as the Virginia Education Association supports the bill, but rather school boards, who are concerned about a loss of local control.