Lewis Ginter to Expand Thanks to Neighbor

6.2 Acre Expansion to Be Finalized in 2025
Lakeside Baptist Church member Bob Jones
Lakeside Baptist Church member Bob Jones Photo credit Jeff Stapleton, WRVA

Richmond, Va. (NewsradioWRVA.com) - Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden will acquire 6.2 acres along the western edge of its location on Lakeside Avenue through a purchase agreement with Lakeside Baptist Church, located on Woodman Road. The purchase is being supported by Henrico County.

The non-profit community-oriented garden has agreed to buy the church's property for $1.9 million. The parcel includes a 1963 sanctuary and classroom buildings totaling 23,700 square feet. Henrico is supporting the sale by contributing $750,000 over three years, leaving the garden to raise the remaining $1.15 million from donors.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden currently encompasses 82 acres. The land from Lakeside Baptist Church will represent the largest expansion of the grounds since the garden's opening in 1987. Under the agreement, ownership will transfer in July 2025.

Church member Bob Jones spoke during the news conference on Thursday and he says that the church is not dissolving--even after the sale is complete three years from now. He says that depending on what the Garden wants to do with the building, their congregation can still meet there.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Jeff Stapleton, WRVA