Vaccine Coordinator Talking to Schools

Will Meet With Superintendents About In-School Clinics
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Richmond, Va. ( - Virginia's Vaccine Coordinator, Dr. Danny Avula, says they will be meeting with Superintendents over the coming week, about the possibility of in-school Covid vaccination clinics (parental permission, as always, is required before any shots). This comes as Avula says the CDC is suggesting the Pfizer vaccine will be approved for those aged 12 and up in Mid-May, with Moderna not far behind.

Avula says they are also talking to pediatricians as well. Currently, the vaccine is limited to those aged 16 and older.

Avula also says they are realizing, as they have vaccinated large segments of the most vulnerable populations, that now they are needing to focus to remove barriers so those aged 16 to 35 will get vaccinated.