Youngkin Signs Budget

Criticizes Democrats Over Gas Tax Vote
Governor Glenn Youngkin (R)
Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) Photo credit Montasia Braxton for WRVA

Richmond, Va. ( - In an event that seemed more like a campaign stop than an act necessary to keep the Commonwealth from shutting down, Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) signed the recent passed budget. Youngkin also used the event to criticize Democrats (and one Republican) for not agreeing to a three month gas tax holiday.

Youngkin said Virginians will remember the gas tax vote every time they fill up their car. Democrats argued at multiple points during the year that the holiday would take money from the transportation fund and not really lower prices.

The signing also came as a Youngkin appointee is facing criticism for tweets he made. Casey Flores will join the LGTBQ+ Advisory Board next month. He a number of tweets, which are still public, he suggests President Joe Biden (D) is a grommer, and that Vice President Kamala Harris did a crude sex act. Flores did tell the Richmond Times-Dispatch he will tone down his social media.

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