Locker: Which Remaining Texans 2019 Acquisition Won't Return In 2020?


Here are my HumpDay Thoughts…

Thought One: Blake Snell’s opinion doesn’t represent the opinion of all of the MLB or all athletes.

Some players might agree with Snell, some might disagree. However, taking one person’s opinion and using it as a representation of an entire group of people is unfair.

Individualism is one of the most beautiful things about social media and America, but WAY too often one person’s opinion is taken and presented as the view of an entire group of people. That’s foolish.

Generalizations are counter-productive, inaccurate and played-out.

Thought Two: The word “WE” should be eliminated on social media.

This goes back to the beauty of individualism, which is what social media is.

For better or worse, everybody has a voice on social media. There’s no need to rally the troops, try to speak for an entire group or try to make your opinion sound more powerful/important by using the word we.

YOU speak for YOU on social media.

Thought Three: The ketchup pump will be missed.

A lot of things are going to change post-COVID and I’m starting to think the ketchup pump might die.

Gosh, I love the ketchup pump. It’s so much better than packets. You don’t have to tear the packets, you can get as much as possible and the perfect amount, it tasted better, I could go on for days.

I hope we can find a way to make it work, but I fear the end is near.

Goodbye, sweet ketchup-pumping Prince.

Thought Four: The Rockets should be hoping for a small amount of regular season games before the playoffs when the NBA season returns.

The Rockets are currently the 6-seed in the west and have the same record as the 5-seed Oklahoma City Thunder. They’re also just one game behind the 4-seed Utah Jazz in the standings.

Utah just lost F Bojan Bogdanovic to season-ending wrist surgery, who was averaging 20.2 points per-game and shooting 41.4 percent from 3-point range, 13th best in the league.

Passing OKC in the standings could mean a first round matchup with Utah. Passing Utah could mean they’d host a series against Utah or OKC. There are a lot of possibilities, but a first round matchup as the 4-seed against either OKC or Utah seems ideal.

ESPN story on Utah Jazz F Bojan Bogdanovic undergoing season-ending surgery to repair the Scapholunate ligament in his right wrist.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) May 18, 2020

Thought Five: Which of the current Texans acquired last offseason could NOT be on the roster when the 2020 season begins?

Which of the following players acquired last offseason is least likely to be on the team when the 2020 season begins?

Kenny Stills, Jacob Martin or Kahale Warring?

Stills has been mentioned in trade rumors, Martin is now part of a crowded group of edge guys and Warring hasn’t played in a single game and is in a crowded tight end room.

If I had to bet on it I would say all three are on the team, especially if rosters are expanded, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if one of them is playing elsewhere.