Christian Vazquez's bizarre last moments as a Red Sox


Breaking down the Christian Vazquez deal

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HOUSTON - It was the pregame batting practice few will soon forget.

It was the day Houston Astro Christian Vazquez took BP as a Red Sox ... for one last time.

The story started when word got to Red Sox manager Alex Cora that his team's trade of Vazquez for Houston minor-leaguers Enmanuel Valdez and Wilyer Abreu. Just before taking the field for pregame workouts, Cora informed the catcher a deal was imminent.

That wasn't going to stop Vazquez from executing the same routine he had been accustomed to since joining the Red Sox in 2014.

"I had an idea what was going on and I talked to him before batting practice and he asked me, Hey, can I go take batting practice?' I said, 'Of course.' You know, he’s part of the family," Cora said. "At that point, we had an idea what was going on."

They might have, but that didn't mean everyone else with the Red Sox - or onlookers on the Minute Maid Park field - had a clue.

"I was in there on the training table and (Alex Verdugo) Dugie was the one who came in and he just asked, ‘Is it true? Is it true?’ I was like, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Vazqy was traded.’ You have to wait and find out," said Monday's starting pitcher. "And when the news broke it was true. It’s sad, but at the same time you have to prepare, go out there and do your job."

"Weird day, for sure. I found out right before batting practice. Nothing was official yet. AC told me I was catching, that was it," said Red Sox catcher Kevin Plawecki. "We didn’t know. I didn’t know for sure. I don’t know if he fully knew for sure. I think he knew but it really wasn’t finalized yet so he couldn’t really tell me. But as word came out to you guys the crowd started getting bigger and bigger … I didn’t officially find out until I came back in here from BP. Weird day. We’re going to miss him. We sure had some good times together. He welcomed me with open arms. We just wanted to catch winners every day, whoever was in there. We picked each other up and prepared every day together. He will be missed for sure. I wish him all the best."

Vazquez ultimately jogged in toward the visitors' dugout, where a throng of media members - who were all aware of the trade by that point - were waiting. But after just one question, the catcher was pulled away by Red Sox media relations personnel, never to be seen again in a Boston uniform.

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