Locker: Broncos tried to give away game, Texans wouldn't take it


(SportsRadio 610) - Two games into the 2022 season, the Texans are still winless, despite opportunities to win both games.

Here are some observations from the Texans' 16-9 loss to the Broncos on Sunday.

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1. Coming into this game, nine of the interceptions Davis Mills had thrown in the NFL had come on the road.

2. Lovie Smith told the CBS crew that this year’s Denver offense was first cousins with last year’s Seattle offense.

Who is the first cousin of this year’s Texans offense?

3. Early in the game, Russell Wilson had way too much time to throw.

4. My favorite part of the Broncos opening drive is that Derek Stingley committed the pass interference and was immediately shaking his head saying it was the right call, instead of arguing obvious calls like an NBA player or some of these other corners.

5. Denver’s attempted trickery in the first quarter that ended in a pass breakup by Texans cornerback Steven Nelson was one of many plays Nelson has made early in the season.

I think we’ve had more plays made by corners two weeks into the season than we did all last season. Maybe a slight exaggeration. Maybe…

6. The biggest part of the previously mentioned play was Jerry Jeudy leaving the game with a shoulder injury.

7. On the very next play, Stingley was called for PI. That was a missed call and a very costly one that gave Denver the ball inside the five.

8. The Texans forced Denver to settle for three points, which was a massive win for Lovie Smith’s defense.

9. Denver challenged Stingley twice after the PI and he was up for the challenge. Stingley won both goal line battles with Sutton after the PI call.

There will be struggles for rookie corners. They all struggle at one point, but he’s not scared and clearly has the needed short-term memory.

10. The short-yardage Jeff Driskel package appears to have some real value. This is a shocking development.

11. Desmond King picked up a holding call on third down to give the Broncos a first down, but like Stingley’s early PI, I had no issue with the physicality at the line of the scrimmage.

Aggressive cornerback play (or lack thereof) has been a big issue here for a while. If more flags is the trade off then so be it.

12. Dameon Pierce reminds me so much of former Cowboys RB Marion Barber (RIP), it’s crazy. Pierce is 5-10 218, Barber was 5-11 218. Both run violently, shrug off defenders and rarely go down on first contact.

13. I wish him the best, but Justin Britt wasn’t missed in Denver early in the game.

14. Patrick Surtain getting banged up was even bigger than Jeudy. Surtain is arguably Denver’s best corner.

15. Denver fans were booing Russell Wilson in the first half louder than Pittsburgh fans were booing Mitchell Trubisky.

16. After a personal foul and procedure penalty, the Texans had Denver backed up, but allowed a 17-yard run by Javonte Williams on the final play before the 2-minute warning.

On the very next play Wilson found Sutton for a 30+ yard gain. That Williams run was a massive momentum swing.

17. The Texans once again held Denver to a field goal. Nathaniel Hackett considered going for it, but he should’ve considered continuing to hand it to Williams. Guy is a dope.

18. That interception by Christian Kirksey was the kind of play this Texans team needs to make each week to win ball games. The margin for error is low and momentum-changing takeaways are going to have to come often.

The defense did it’s part in Denver.

19. On 4th-and-1 the Texans did what they should’ve done last week, handed the ball to Pierce in a non-empty set. Pierce then drew a face mask, Brandin Cooks dropped a TD pass and the Texans had to settle for three.

20. That Cooks drop was inexcusable for a player of his caliber and a returned favor to the Broncos for their red zone shortcomings.

21. I had no problem with Lovie Smith declining the Denver penalty to make it fourth down. Hackett had to kill a timeout to make the decision to go on 4th. Just a solid pitch and catch by Wilson and Sutton.

22. Wilson didn’t go over 100 yards passing until there were five minutes left in the third quarter.

23. Hackett is really bad at this head coach thing. At one point on third-and-short, he ran the option with a former Texas TE Andrew Beck, then couldn’t decide what he was going to do on fourth down, so the field goal team got on the field late, which led to a delay of game penalty.

Then after the penalty, Hackett decided to punt instead of kicking a long field goal, which would’ve been shorter than the one he decided to moronically take Monday night. Goodness.

24. The 3rd-and-16, 36-yard completion to start the 4th quarter was a punch to the junk and just total meltdown. You knew Denver was going to score after that. Was zero doubt.

25. Jonathan Greenard’s sack was a potential game-changer and was even bigger because Hackett had to use his final timeout afterward.

However, Jerry Hughes returned the favor by jumping offsides out of the timeout and then moved the chains on the next play.

26. I’m convinced this game isn’t even close and Denver wins by three touchdowns with any other head coach.

27. Tytus Howard got beat badly at the worst time and killed a drive late in the fourth in which the Texans had some momentum going. There have been some bad offensive line breakdowns both fourth quarters of the season.

28. This was a PITIFUL loss. Denver tried to hand it to the Texans and they didn’t take it.