Texans GM Nick Caserio says Davis Mills' biggest improvement is lower body strength


(SportsRadio 610) - The Texans wrapped up organized team activities this week with training camp a little over a month away.

Among the team's highest priorities is the development of second-year quarterback Davis Mills, who's been deemed the starter based on how he finished his rookie season last year.

But he admittedly needed to get stronger this offseason and offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton has talked about speeding up Mills' drops to help stay on schedule in the passing game.

Texans general manager Nick Caserio joined Payne & Pendergast on Thursday morning and had this to say about Mills' improvement this offseason.

"Honestly, one of the biggest things is just physically, where his body is, his strength," Caserio said. "He's certainly worked on his lower body strength. I would say for most positions, including quarterback, it's about having a good base. It's about having good lower body strength because everything starts from the ground up. So I would say in that area, he's certainly made progress.

"Number two, I would d say his understanding offensively of what we're doing. The terminology, there's been some things that we've tweaked relative to how we call plays, whether it's formations or route concepts, whatever it might be. So, he's comfortable with that. And I would say overall, for the most part this spring the decision making has been good relative to taking care of the football. ... Two of the most important things (for a quarterback) are decision-making and accuracy. So when you look at that position, do you take care of the football? Do you make the right decisions? Do you go where the play tells you the ball should go? I'd say the majority of the plays we've run during the course of the spring, that's been the case."